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Mission: To promote scientific and cultural literacy through the production of innovative exhibits and informal educational experiences.

Exhibit IQ produces innovative traveling, special exhibitions, educational programs and events for the world’s leading museums, science centers, zoos, aquariums, libraries, universities, foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies and corporations.

The goal of every exhibition and program is to inform, educate and inspire. At Exhibit IQ we further strive to produce exhibitions and events that bring the subject to life for visitors – transforming the way that they think about the topic. Our ultimate goal is to create experiences that leave a lasting impression. We accomplish this by assembling project teams consisting of some of the most original content specialists, educators, designers, technology experts, artisans, craftspeople, and communication professionals working today.

The staff of Exhibit IQ is experienced with every phase of exhibition and event production. From determining the feasibility of a proposed project, to securing funding, assembling and managing experienced production teams, budget and project oversight, installation and tour coordination. At Exhibit IQ we work closely with our clients to ensure that every exhibition and event is something truly special.

How can we help you bring science and culture to life for your visitors?

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