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For over 10 years, Exhibit IQ has been using their brainpower to create educational exhibits that are not only innovative but informative and inspiring. Do you need an exhibit that will be talked about for years to come? Our IQ staff is here to make your ideas become reality–from concept to glowing reviews.
  • Snap Mobile A Southern Nevada Agency, Partnership, Las Vegas, NV

    So, you are out on a quest and would like to learn more about the surrounding areas. There are no buildings around, but in a flash, the SNAP mobile RV comes up and around the bend. You take a break from your wilderness adventures, step inside, and become informed about the National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Not only do you get a breath of fresh air, but you also learn a lesson in stewardship with our national parks.


  • SMWV Science Museum of Western Virginia- Roanoke, West Virginia

    Science Museum of West Virginia

    Exhibit IQ is facilitating a top‐to‐bottom “reinvention” of the Science Museum of Western Virginia, which includes the design and production of 50,000 square feet of new exhibits focusing on three core content areas: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Earth, and How it Works.

    Healthy Bodies Gallery

    This gallery supports initiatives to promote wellness and combat the growing trend toward obesity. The gallery is dedicated to the human body and its care-- focusing on nutrition, exercise, oral health, and disease prevention.

    Healthy Earth Gallery

    This gallery answers questions about our environment-- what lives in it and how we use its resources. Concepts for this gallery include natural resources, geology, meteorology, water, and energy.

    How It Works Gallery

    This gallery encourages curiosity about the world around us by exploring  topics in physics, chemistry, and technology, with an emphasis on practical applications and knowledge that can lead to the job skills needed for cutting-edge careers.

    Children’s Discovery Zone

    The Children’s Discovery Zone  provides a unique opportunity for preschool children to explore science principles in a safe, engaging, and educationally appropriate way. This space features the same vital content presented in the Museum’s new, primary galleries.

    Open Lab

    The Open Lab contains science experiment kits that allows visitors to work on experiments individually or as a group.

  • The Natural History Museum The Las Vegas Natural History Museum- Las Vegas, NV

    Visitors explore how archaeologists in the early 20th Century unearthed some of Egypt’s most renowned treasures, including the Tomb of Tutankhamun. The exhibit includes a trip through the realistic entrance to Tut’s Tomb and the opportunity to view artifact recreations of best-known pieces including the Golden Throne, chariots, the Golden Shrine, and the outer sarcophagus. These replicas are one of only two sets that were authorized by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. Visitors have the unique opportunity to explore an Egyptian mummy by using state-of-the-art technology that allows the user to “scan” a mummy replica in real time and view actual medical imaging taken of a real mummy.

  • Springs Preserve Springs Preserve - Las Vegas, NV

    The Springs Preserve is the premier place in Las Vegas to explore the Valley’s vibrant history through interactive science and nature exhibits, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and live animal shows.

    Building relationships is vital to a community, and our partnership with the Springs Preserve is just that-- a blossoming relationship of collaborations.

    Check back for more updates on our budding collaborations with Springs Preserve.

  • One Off Productions

    Big Mouth- Exploration Place, Wichita, KS

    It takes a really Big Mouth to educate guests on dental health and nutrition. This giant (over 7-foot tall), anatomically correct model of the human mouth demonstrates the consequences of poor oral care and teaches steps for good oral health. Guests answer questions presented on a screen in the back of the mouth.

    Golf Hall of Fame – Golf Hall of Fame, Las Vegas, NV

    With a rich heritage, professional golf has stroked its way into the Las Vegas landscape. From legendary golfers who've played on the greens to the greens themselves, golf has provided Las Vegas with a multitude of memorable moments. This exhibit explores all things golf-- from the greatest players and the best golf courses to history of golf and the Las Vegas Golf hall of Fame legends.

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