Science Museum of West Virginia

Exhibit IQ is facilitating a top‐to‐bottom "reinvention" of the Science Museum of Western Virginia in collaboration with Virginia Tech, including the design and production of 50,000 square feet of new exhibits focusing on three core content areas: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Earth and How it Works.

Recognizing that the Science Museum is the largest tenant of Center in the Square, Center's extensive renovation plans will incorporate significant science-related content. From the building's newly designed atrium lobby that will house three aquariums and interactive exhibits, to the exciting plans for an open rooftop that will feature sustainable technologies such as rain water purification, green walls and solar and wind power demonstrations; the renovation of Center in the Square and the Reinvention of the Science Museum are completely synchronous.

One of the must-see exhibits of the reinvented Science Museum will be the native butterfly habitat that will protrude from our fifth floor gallery space through the roof. The cost to build this innovative habitat, as well as the overall renovation of all of the Science Museum's public and behind-the-scenes spaces, is being paid for by capital campaign funds raised by Center in the Square. This partnership has freed up the Museum's fundraising efforts to focus exclusively on a "reinvention" bringing forward new exhibits and related programs.

The Science Museum's Reinvention calls for the development of over 50,000 square feet of new exhibit and program space and will focus on three primary content areas: Healthy Bodies, Healthy Earth and How It Works. Our reinvented space will also include a science Answer Desk, akin to the reference desk in a library, a Children's Discovery Zone for our youngest scientists and a unique hands-on, all-access Open Lab experience.

HEALTHY BODIES GALLERY This gallery supports initiatives to promote wellness and combat the growing trend toward obesity. The gallery is dedicated to the human body and its care, focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental health, oral health and disease prevention.

HEALTHY EARTH GALLERY This gallery will answer questions about our environment, what lives in it and how we use its resources. Concepts for this gallery include natural resources, geology, meteorology, water and energy.

HOW IT WORKS GALLERY This gallery will encourage curiosity about the world around us. We will explore topics in physics, chemistry and technology, with an emphasis on practical applications and knowledge that can lead to the job skills needed for cutting-edge careers.

CHILDREN'S DISCOVERY ZONE The Children's Discovery Zone will provide a unique opportunity for preschool through second grade children to explore science principles in a safe, engaging and educationally appropriate way. This space will feature the same vital content presented in the Museum's new primary galleries.

OPEN LAB This project will be available to all Museum visitors regardless of age or educational background. The Open Lab will be offered to school groups, walk-in visitors, and community groups. Open Lab experiments will complement the core content areas of the new galleries. Visitors will check out lab kits containing easy-to-follow instructions and supplies required to complete the experiment.