Traveling Exhibits

At Exhibit IQ, we produce and tour some of the most innovative exhibitions currently on the road. Over the next few years, Exhibit IQ will produce new traveling exhibitions on other equally exciting topics including asteroid collisions with Earth, trash, extreme sports and physics, urban wildlife, Chinese innovations, and health-related offerings. Want to know more? Contact us for details or book one of our exhibits currently on tour:

CSI: Crime Scene Insects
CSI investigates the fascinating field of forensic entomology, or the use of insects to help solve crimes.
Eww! What's Eating You?
take an incredible journey through, and on, the human body to reveal the secret world of parasites that call us home.
Glow: Living Lights
illuminates the incredible phenomenon of bioluminescence, or a living organism’s ability to produce its own light.
It's A Gas! The Bright Side of Science
this highly interactive exhibit explores the science of all the gases in the periodic table.
Tony Hawk | Rad Science
world-renowned skateboard legend Tony Hawk demonstrates how physics principles like gravity, force, velocity, acceleration, inertia and balance make radical tricks possible in action sports.