CSI: Crime Scene Insects


The public has an insatiable appetite for anything having to do with criminal investigations. CSI: Crime Scene Insects, the first exhibition produced in cooperation with the hit TV series, investigates the fascinating field of forensic entomology or the use of insects to help solve crimes.

This extremely popular exhibition has broken attendance records at many of the host
venues to date.

Some CSI: Crime Scene Insects Highlights include:


Tour term typically 12 weeks
Space 3500 to 5000 square feet (4000 recommended)
Height – 10 feet required
Venue remits for inbound shipping
Standard HVAC and appropriate lighting
Standard Security
Insurance: $2 million liability / $1 million property


Teacher guide to national curriculum standards
Docent guide and training
Discovery cart with touchable items


Sample press materials, media releases, advertisements
Print ready logos & graphics
Rights-free press images
Video B-roll for television marketing


Exhibit technical manual
Exhibit IQ technician to assist with installation and take-down
Telephone technical support

*Rates available upon request