Traveling Exhibits

Eww! What’s Eating You?

Eww! What’s Eating You?

VOODOO Leeches

VOODOO Leeches

Ex-Ray Picture Booth

High Jump Striker Fleas

Prize Booth Vectors of Diseases

Carney Wagon Diorama Bed Bugs, Dust Mites, Toxoplasma, Toxocara

Picnic Table 1 Trichinella Ascaris

Mosquito Attack Mosquitos touchscreen

Medical Tent Guinea Worm

Ticket Booth Parasites in general

Magic Mirror / Mutoscope Filarial Worms

Pin Ball 1 Pin Ball 2, Pin Ball 3

Wheel of Probability Plasmodium, Bubonic Plague, Malaria, Elephantiasis, etc

Evolved VS. Unevolved Ferris Wheel

Pop Culture Parasites in pop culture, Multiple Parasites

Picnic Table 2 Classroom education

Rope Pull Hookworm


Attraction Poster 4 Parasites in History 4

Attraction Poster 3 Vectors of parasites

Attraction Poster 2 Ectoparasites

Attraction Poster 1 Endoparasites

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Get your tickets, and step right up into a carnival of creatures. Famed comedian Carrot Top serves as your guide through this exhibit.

Open your eyes to body morphing Guinea worms, rash causing Hookworms, kid-loving Pinworms, and eye invading Toxocara worms. Even potentially beneficial human-feeders like leeches and maggots. There are many critters that prey on humans to successfully complete their life cycles. Some are just mildly irritating while others are responsible for infectious diseases like Lyme and epidemic outbreaks of fatal ailments like Malaria.

In the tradition of our very popular traveling exhibition CSI: Crime Scene Insects, our latest foray into the world of insects, Eww! What’s Eating You? is destined to become talked about for years. It’s a must-see exhibit that will dig into the history of human/parasite interaction from ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt to more modern tales of these often-sinister critters that live to hitch a ride on human hosts.

  • Nationally recognized curators
  • Modular and configurable from 5,000 – 7,000 square feet
  • Includes dramatic oversized models, engaging interactives, and preserved and live specimens
  • Sensational case studies from parasite survivors, researchers, and health care professionals
  • Features examples of cutting-edge practical applications– like parasites used for medical treatments

Tour term |12 weeks

Space | 5,000 to 7,000 square feet

Height |10’ feet required

Venue remits for inbound shipping

Standard HVAC and appropriate lighting | Standard Security

Insurance: $2 million liability / $1 million property

$85,000 plus installation