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Glow: Living Lights

Glow: Living Lights

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What puts the fire into a firefly? It’s bioluminescence! Bioluminescence is a living organism’s ability to produce its own light, and it is one of the most incredible yet least understood phenomena in nature. Glow: Living Lights is the first traveling exhibition to explore this mystery of nature.Updated for 2013, this beautiful exhibit takes visitors through an illuminating journey of both terrestrial and marine environments where they learn why and how so many creatures are lighting up the dark.

The journey through the exhibit begins with an exploration of what bioluminescence is and how it differs from other forms of light. Visitors then move through displays featuring some of the most incredible creatures ever seen – from the familiar firefly and glowworm to the alien-looking anglerfish and siphonophore, the longest living creature on Earth. They go on to discover how research into bioluminescence is helping find cancer cures and detect harmful pathogens. All visitors leave Glow with a greater understanding of and appreciation for one of nature’s most incredible phenomenons.

  • Curated by the world’s leading authorities on bioluminescence
  • Innovative, artful design by renowned, European architects
  • Engaging, well-written panels with stunning photos and graphics
  • Rare preserved specimens and scientifically accurate models
  • Unique video projection inspired by a renowned video artist
  • Never-before-seen films of fascinating bioluminescent creatures
  • Over a dozen engaging interactive and demonstration devices
  • Optional live bioluminescent plankton
  • Fully stocked interpretive discovery cart for use by front line staff

Tour term | 12 weeks

Space | 3,000 to 5,000 square feet

Height |10’ feet required

Modular with no forced path, can be configured to fit any space

Venue remits for inbound shipping | Standard HVAC

Minimal lighting is preferred. Floor path is all that’s required.

Standard Security | Insurance: 2 million liability / 1 million property

$55,000 plus installation