Glow: Living Lights


James Case

James F. Case, Ph.D.

Dr. Case is a distinguished researcher in the field of bioluminescence with interests in both in marine and terrestrial forms. His extensive writings include over 140 peer-reviewed publications and three books. Dr. Case is a Research Professor in the Marine Science Institute at University of California, Santa Barbara.  Active research projects include counter illumination on midshipman fish, bioluminescence prediction in the coastal regime, and firefly bioluminescence communication.


Edith A. Widder, Ph.D.

Dr. Widder is a renowned biologist and deep-sea explorer.In addition to being an author on over 50 peer-reviewed scientific publications, she has also written a children's book and produced an educational video on biolumenscence. After sixteen years with Harbor Branch Oceanography Institution in Fort Pierce, Florida, most recently in the positon of Senior Scientist and Director of the Bioluminescence Department, she co-founded the Ocean Research & Conservation Foundation were she now serves as President and Senior Scientist. Her research interests in bioluminescence developed out of her experience piloting deep sea dives in single-person submersibles. Her work has been featured in BBC, PBS, Discovery Channel and National Geographic television productions. In 2006 she was awarded a prestigious MacArthur Fellowship.