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Glow: Living Lights (an exploration of bioluminescence)



The Many Colors of Glow
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"Kids really like nooks and crannies, and this exhibit is full of them."
-Las Vegas Natural History Museum founder and executive director Marilyn Gillespie


"An in-the-dark exhibit that will brighten your day... Somewhere between spooky and spectacular, glow-in-the-dark creatures are poorly understood and hard to come by, often living in the deep, dark zones of the world's oceans. Fortunately for landlubbers, Glow: Living Lights is making its way through a fifteen-city North American tour."
Sarah Fallon Edutopia – The George Lucas Educational Foundation


"You would think that pitch darkness veils everything down in the depths of the ocean, but actually it is more like Las Vegas down there, with 90 percent of the animals producing light. To witness the show, you don’t have to dive into the depths, risking discomfort, decompression or suffocation. Instead, visit Glow: Living Lights."
- St. Paul Pioneer Press


"A highly interactive look at the lifestyles of the bioluminescent, Glow: Living Lights features everything from live animals and preserved specimens to displays activated by visitors... In a darkened gallery filled with glowing surfaces and hands-on activities, you’ll observe bioluminescence firsthand, and test your own hypotheses about how (and why) animals make this "cool light.""
- Museums Magazine


"Shine On! What puts the fire into a firefly or the glow into a glow worm? Glow: Living Lights is the first ever traveling exhibit to explore the phenomenon of bioluminescence. The exhibition has a sleek, innovative look created by ExhibitQ, a group of former science museum professionals."
- Performances Magazine


"Most people know that fireflies have a glowing abdomen that looks really pretty at night, but did you know that the decapod shrimp actually vomits light into the face of predators so it can get away? That's just one of the fascinating tidbits children and adults will learn about the science of bioluminescence in this new exhibit, Glow: Living Lights."
- Seattle Post-Intelligencer


"Factors such as the lit appendages of the vicious, deep-sea anglerfish infamous from ‘Finding Nemo.’ Or the menacing, black-skinned vampire squid that can seemingly dissipate into a cloud of blue particles. Or the aptly named flashlight fish. They're not actually swimming through this walking tour of bioluminescent organisms — defined as those that produce their own light — but are explored through inventive interactive displays, photos, film, video, models, posters, jarred specimens and info-laden panels."
- Las Vegas Review Journal