It's A Gas! The Bright Side of Science


They are vital to our survival and make our world a little brighter – It's a Gas! The Bright Side of Science explores the important role naturally-occurring gases play in our lives.

It's a Gas! highlights the importance of eleven atmospheric gases from the periodic table. From the oxygen that we breathe, to the nitrogen that is a critical building block for all living things, to the neon that helped make so many city streetscapes look like works of art, It's a Gas! provides visitors of all ages an opportunity to gain a better understanding of these important elements in a fun and highly interactive way.

Some It's A Gas! highlights include:


Tour term typically 12 weeks
Space 2500 to 4000 square feet (3000 recommended)
Height – 10 feet required
Modular with no forced path, can be configured to fit in any space
Venue remits for inbound shipping
Standard HVAC
Minimal lighting is preferred, floor path is all that's required
Standard Security
Insurance: 2 million liability / 1 million property


Teacher guide to national curriculum standards
Docent guide and training
Discovery cart with touchable items


Print ready logos & graphics
Rights-free press images


Exhibit technical manual
Exhibit IQ technician to assist with installation and take-down
Telephone technical support

*Rates available upon request